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Business and Traffic Habits – Part 3

I dedicate this post to the incessant and insatiable urge to sound the horn. A driver who is an Indian citizen driving on Indian roads has the right to honk whenever and wherever he likes, whether or not required. This is the fundamental right of an Indian vehicle driver. But I will save the rant for some other day. For now, I will try to relate the use of horn to a possible business situation.


Traffic Behavior (TB) : Whenever a vehicle obstructs your path which causes you to apply brakes on your vehicle, you blow the horn either in protest or in an attempt to alert the other vehicles of your presence. For example on a road, if you encounter a vehicle blocking your lane, you sound the requesting horn to alert the blocking vehicle that you want to overtake. Either the vehicles yields and gives you the space to go ahead or denies. If denied, you sound the horn which now becomes a protest. If vehicle does not move, you try to overtake it from the wrong lane. This may be illegal or dangerous and may lead to an accident.


Business Behavior (BB) : Your daily business is running well until you encounter a rival business who is slowing you down. The ways in which it may be slowing you down may include stealing secrets, poaching talent, spreading damaging rumors about your business etc. But in all cases, it slows down your business. So you “sound the requesting horn” to let the other business know of the damage and inconvenience being caused. The rival business either stops damaging your business or is not affected at all. In protest, you respond with legal action or employ a riskier, illegal tactic to go past the rival business. And thus achieve satisfaction of overtaking.


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