Thoughts ridden by kash May 15, 2007

E-cigarette - A boon to smokers !!

Smokers, be it chain, rope, thread or whatever, always have that ‘Aaaaah’ relief when after being deprived of a cigarette for a long time, are handed one in their hands and have their first puff. Addicted to it, they really crave for the feeling. While I believe smoking is injurious to health but doing it occasionally does not kill anybody unless the occasional is replaced by daily. Incidently i came across a term called e-cigarette just a few days ago. Invented by a chinese firm called SBT Co. Ltd and marketed by Golden Dragon Group Ltd, the e-cigarettes market under the name of Ruyan. Basically this device aims to help smokers quit their habit.

An e-cigarette releases some nicotine into the body through the battery-operated device. This battery operated device is capable of releasing vapour that makes smokers feel like they are smoking real cigarettes. It feels and looks like a real cigarette. At present, the device ships for $208. It was invented way back in 2003 but has now found commercial grounds.
This concept is not new as it seems. It is similar to nicotine filled chewing gums and inhalers available from many pharmateutical companies that help smokers quit. But they have built upon the concept and added an innovative look and feel of a cigarette that helps smokers stay in familiar grounds but yet quit smoking.

The product should find its way into India in a short time.

Keep watching, smokers !! Something to help try-to-quit-smoking group !!

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Thoughts ridden by kash

Google - Can "she invent"?

It seems Google is supporting male chauvinism!! You can probably see it for yourself by Googling “She invented” in the Google Search Bar. It would immediately reply back with ‘Did you mean He invented?’. I came across this in a mail that one of my colleagues forwarded to me. I tried out the same and the result was obvious!!

It seems that the Googlius, the Greek God Of Searches, does not agree to the fact that she can invent too. So is Googlius a MCP? Or is it just some algoritm gone haywire? Its probably some algorithm tweak thats done by some geek out there. The prompt for correction of the spelling usually comes up when you type in a wrong one (obviously ) but here seemingly ’she’ is a wrong spelling according to Googlius.Is it true? Does Google refer to Oxford’s or Webster’s? Or has it designed its own Googlicon?

It does seem funny when such a thing comes up in searches. Did you know that there are people who just sit around on Google’s main search page and search for anomalies in searches? And also there are active threads on sites such as Digg where such discussions take place on the anomalies. Google somehow must have come across these posts and here which discussed the ‘gender’ situations. So I think Googlius took the matter in hands and proved that ’she cannot invent’.

Females, please spare me! .. I am just stating facts.. :)

Thoughts ridden by kash

Royalty on Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V

Windows helped Microsoft mint millions in whatever currency you want to consider. The most user friendly OS took the market by storm and is still the dominant OS in the market. Almost 90% PCs run on Windows. Such quirk of the mind helped Microsoft reach where it is right now.
But the reality or rather estimates say that if users start charging $1 from Microsoft each time the OS hangs then Microsoft would be bankrupt within a year. I dont know how far that is true but well Windows does hang a lot. If somebody asked as to when did Windows last hang (not until death) your machine, answer would probably be ‘just an hour ago’.

Anyways one of my colleague suggested a very good idea on how Windows could beat piracy of their OS. Rather how can Windows let the piracy go on but still make money. He sugested that Windows should start charging half a pence or whatever meagre amount for the functions Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. And voila!!! Windows would be minting money again!! And this time it would probably be making 5-6 times more than the products that they sell. 5-6 times is rather an understatement. Actual amounts might be 10 times greater. We, technobiles( I just invented the word. I dont know whether it exists ), use these functions to produce most of the code existent in the world today. Dont know what would happen if Windows had not provided that. If Microsoft starts to take advantage of this addiction, they can help us become efficient programmers .

Is Bill listening ?