Thoughts ridden by kash May 22, 2009

Ironic or not

I am not sure what to say after the election results. But I do feel that the statement by US is ironic judging by the usual common sense. The UPA govt. is in but I do feel sorry for the people of India. Why? Countless reasons exist to reason why. But as the people of India were "ordered" to elect a less evil govt., they apparently made their choice and elected UPA. A stable govt. or not, we wish to see some things that might bring "prosperity" to India. Such a list of things have been put up by Rajesh Jain at his blog (link obtained brom Atanu's blog). Whether the govt. will listen to the voice of India or not, nobody knows. Whether they have, in the past or will, in the future, is only in the hands of the uneducated "slumdogs" who can only become millionaires.
Hope this time it is different. Makes you wonder neh?


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