Thoughts ridden by kash Feb 10, 2007

Attire at work ..

Hi Everyone!! Ever had a feeling that things are getting too formal around here ? Well I just had that feeling sometime back. Rather I continue to still have that feeling. I have been an advocate of informality everywhere that i have been till now. Now stop wondering why am I discussing such a silly topic ? Well since it means a lot to me, I want to find out who all think in the same manner as I do.

Well, to start with in a services company like ours, we are always required to wear formal business outfits.So this is the first thing that i would like to speculate upon. Why is there such a requirement? People say we do that to project discipline and to impress the clients.Hmmm.. I would definitely like to believe that but well my mind always functions in the opposite direction. How is it possible that our clients form impressions based on our dressing ? Are they not always impressed by our track records ? By our quality conformance? By our way of conducting business? Why is it that we need to stress upon the clothing? It is said that clothes make the first impression which lasts forever. Well I think the first impression is made on the basis of your body language and not on the basis of how you dress.

People say that clothes give you an impression on how disciplined you are.Hmmdon't you think I could wear the best Marks and Spencer clothing and still be indisciplined and result in the loss of business to the company ? What do you think ? Is it not possible ?

If you agree with the above statement then I guess you will also agree that clothing is not that important as is the attitude of a person and the way he conducts himself.It is not that I despise wearing formal clothing but why is so much emphasis laid on this fact in any services company ?There must be some solid reason. Or is it just about putting up a mask before your client for the so called impression ?

I don't know why I come across strongly with these feelings but what I feel is that we must promote the most informal environment around. Don't how far people will agree withe me but I would like to lots of views on this. It would be nice to know different perspectives of my thoughts.

Well I have so many things to discuss on about the informality but lets just start with this. I would love yo see informal posts here. That would add more spice to this blog.



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