Thoughts ridden by kash Feb 10, 2007

Ultra high security for politicians

It was 10:00 PM. I and my roomie were standing by the roadside near the Pune station. We were waiting for the arrival of any transport medium which could take us to our home. We were wondering about the way the cities are handled and how tough it can be if you are an official of the state. Most of us believe that politicians are corrupted and they sit there only to eat money.True. Corruption is a part of any seat with power and India is no different. But if they are corrupted and do not work, then how is the government working ? It still works. Though the level at which it works is still way below the expected standards but nevertheless, it still works. My belief is that let the politicians eat money but at the same time let them show their mettle on the battleground. The problem arises when they just accept the bribe but don't work. Well its going to remain as it is for as long as we survive.

Ok Ok. I will get back to what happened on that night. As we were standing there, sirens started blaring in the distance. I thought some unfortunate incident must have happened in some household and a need must risen for the person to be taken to the hospital. I wished to god that nothing happened to the person inside the ambulance. But alas! It was not an ambulance. It was a convoy of 12 vehicles carrying some high profile politician/s on their way to some vote gathering event. All traffic got blocked to let them pass and all the policemen snapped to attention. Another stream of thoughts started. What i was wondering is that why do these politicians have to make such a noise of arrival with so much security. Yes , we never know which of 12 vehicles they are traveling in so that makes it very discrete and hideous. But ever wondered about the fact that there is a high profile person within just those 12 vehicles ? If anyone plans to eliminate the politician, he has narrowed down the choices to 12. The probability of finding a politician in one of the cars is 1 in 12. On the other side, what i was thinking is that why cant they just travel in a normal low cost - low profile car with no information whatsoever as to when and how the person is traveling. Doesn’t that make the politician more safe and discrete? Now for the elimination of the target, you need to sift through thousands of vehicles to find him/her. No blaring sirens nor flashing police lights. You never know when a person has traveled from one place to another. And yes, the cost. Instead of 12 vehicles transporting one vehicle, there is just one.

Well. Then one would say what about security ? The police vehicles are there as the part of the convoy to protect the politician. But what can they do while sitting in their own vehicle while the politician’s car gets blown apart ? There is nothing that they can do except cordon the area and search the area!! Instead making the politician’s car more secure is a better idea. Another thing is that the sirens and flashing lights can clear the traffic for the politicians so that they can reach the place where they need to reach on time. So does that imply that politicians don't know how to manage their time ? They after all manage the entire country but what they cant do is manage time ? That's quite a derogatory remark on them but cant help to think in that direction. Businessmen also strangle to find time out of their work. They plan their activities such that they reach places on time keeping the traffic in mind. If the businessmen can do it, then does that mean that they don't work or have less work than the politicians ? Not true i guess. Just as 16-hour work cycle businessmen can manage to beat the traffic, cant the politicians do that ? Cant they behave in the same manner as the common man does ? They will come to know about the harrowing experience that people go through everyday by being a part of the traffic. If it can put some sense of guilt then probably something can be done about the traffic. They will come to know more about the troubles of the people if they stay with the people and not above them.

Well !! There is one advantage in the passing convoy of vehicles. If you manage to stick behind the convoy with arousing suspicions then you can probably reach your place in record time since no traffic is going to stand in your way !!! Two sides of a coin huh ??


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