Thoughts ridden by kash Sep 12, 2009

Pakistan invites Indian bureaucracy for a debate

Pakistan has sent an open invite for a debate on 26/11 to the entire Indian govt. Who should be chosen as a candidate representing India? PM? PM Controller (5 guess to identify who is that)? Maharastra CM?

I just imagined something. If what Rehman Malik said about the language of the report is true, then I believe Maharastra CM will doggedly deliver his speech in Marathi for two hours pointing out the flaws in Pakistani statements. At the end, a Pakistani bureaucrat would humbly stand up, bow down and ask, “Sir, Could you please repeat everything in English or Urdu please?”. I would love to see the faces on podium as well as the audience.

How hard headed can we be? Makes you wonder yeah?


Parth said...

If Pakistan promise full security of our representative, we should send Namo :)

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