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Why sell weapons when all we want is peace

We haven’t yet and continue not to realise that it is in the interest of the US to keep the developing nations at war. Weapons market is a lucrative and a powerful market. This market has a potential of nearly 55 billion dollars a year. Though the figure seems quite low, it is nevertheless huge. US controls around 70% of this market. No wonder why it is called a super power.

The report says that US of A’s largest customers are developing nations but what is even more noticeable in the report (link above) is that UAE is the largest customer of weapons. With one hand, US nurtures the seeds of terrorism and on the other hand, claims and aims to reduce terrorism in the world. Complex nation, is it not? And that brings me to an intuitive question. Why does a nation buy or sell weapons when all it wants is peace?

Some would say, we do it because someone else is doing it. India buys weapons because Pakistan does. If Pakistan fires a missile across the border, we retaliate. If Pakistan strikes a multi – billion dollar deal with Russia, we go sniffing for some arsenal in the US. They buy aircrafts, we buy anti-aircraft missiles. They buy nuclear weapons, we strike nuclear deals. We test-fire Agni III, they test-fire Mumbai. We infiltrate ISI, they infiltrate RAW. We spend millions on acquiring weapons that are already old-school by the time they are delivered. Meanwhile, thousands have died of hunger back home. Does it really matter to have the latest weapons?

Do we really need weapons when all we want is peace? I don’t have the answer. Do you?


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khushboo said...

Very true !! Do we really need a weapons when we need peace? But if you consider today's world, we need weapons to protect our country. Not to attack but to protect. To maintain peace in our country.

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