Thoughts ridden by kash May 15, 2007

Google - Can "she invent"?

It seems Google is supporting male chauvinism!! You can probably see it for yourself by Googling “She invented” in the Google Search Bar. It would immediately reply back with ‘Did you mean He invented?’. I came across this in a mail that one of my colleagues forwarded to me. I tried out the same and the result was obvious!!

It seems that the Googlius, the Greek God Of Searches, does not agree to the fact that she can invent too. So is Googlius a MCP? Or is it just some algoritm gone haywire? Its probably some algorithm tweak thats done by some geek out there. The prompt for correction of the spelling usually comes up when you type in a wrong one (obviously ) but here seemingly ’she’ is a wrong spelling according to Googlius.Is it true? Does Google refer to Oxford’s or Webster’s? Or has it designed its own Googlicon?

It does seem funny when such a thing comes up in searches. Did you know that there are people who just sit around on Google’s main search page and search for anomalies in searches? And also there are active threads on sites such as Digg where such discussions take place on the anomalies. Google somehow must have come across these posts and here which discussed the ‘gender’ situations. So I think Googlius took the matter in hands and proved that ’she cannot invent’.

Females, please spare me! .. I am just stating facts.. :)


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