Thoughts ridden by kash May 15, 2007

Royalty on Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V

Windows helped Microsoft mint millions in whatever currency you want to consider. The most user friendly OS took the market by storm and is still the dominant OS in the market. Almost 90% PCs run on Windows. Such quirk of the mind helped Microsoft reach where it is right now.
But the reality or rather estimates say that if users start charging $1 from Microsoft each time the OS hangs then Microsoft would be bankrupt within a year. I dont know how far that is true but well Windows does hang a lot. If somebody asked as to when did Windows last hang (not until death) your machine, answer would probably be ‘just an hour ago’.

Anyways one of my colleague suggested a very good idea on how Windows could beat piracy of their OS. Rather how can Windows let the piracy go on but still make money. He sugested that Windows should start charging half a pence or whatever meagre amount for the functions Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. And voila!!! Windows would be minting money again!! And this time it would probably be making 5-6 times more than the products that they sell. 5-6 times is rather an understatement. Actual amounts might be 10 times greater. We, technobiles( I just invented the word. I dont know whether it exists ), use these functions to produce most of the code existent in the world today. Dont know what would happen if Windows had not provided that. If Microsoft starts to take advantage of this addiction, they can help us become efficient programmers .

Is Bill listening ?


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