Thoughts ridden by kash Jun 22, 2009

Winds of Change yeah?

Amazingly the BJP party heads are now starting to realize that religion politics won't work. It cost them 5 years. Can it still afford to go on the Hindutva bandwagon? Its never too late to get rid of the rot. Mr. Advani, before your second leg ends up in the grave, please use your rational thought to atleast change the way the minorities think about you. And yes, you cannot prevent "any narrow, bigoted, anti-Muslim interpretation" unless you get rid of the fundamental problem which is your Hindutva policy. Divisive politics won't work anymore, as proved.
Yeah. The headlines in the TOI have the right text "Tweak-Hindutva-BJP-leaders-told". Tweak, they say. Witty ain't it?
Makes you wonder what makes politics tick in our country.


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