Thoughts ridden by kash Jun 7, 2009

How convinient

It was year 2002 when it started. The aid. The military aid to Pakistan. To fight against terror. We(India) were so naive to believe them. Though we did shout, crib, scream but all we got in return were sore throats. And of course, demands for more “evidence”. Can we not see? Is it not apparent that the neighbour is not interested in cleansing the “terror camps”? Is it not apparent that it is in the interest of US to keep the two countries at war by aiding the weaker, vulnerable one against the supposed giant? Will the new stable govt. see through the translucence that the US has apparently built up? Will we ever improve?

Hopes lie with the new government. And of course, we are looking for the 100 day plan that MMS had come up with before the election. I have written about it before over here. So the new government steps in with a lot of expectations and hopes for improvement. Hope it does.


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