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Business and Traffic habits – Part 3

Cross roads

TB: Cross roads are those points where normally two or more roads cross each other and one has the choice to choose the next direction to take. Once the choice of direction is decided, you look at every side to check for any traffic before you make your move. Major crossroads have traffic signals that make it mandatory for you to wait. They allow the traffic to be regulated and function normally.

BB: In the business world, interpretations of cross roads can be in many forms. One which I can think of is - It is a time in a company’s life when it comes to a standstill and does not know in which direction to head. The product or the services in which it has spent most of time and money, is now no more a monopoly. They need to diversify and change direction. Or divest and focus on their core competencies in case of a big multi-business companies. A company at crossroads would choose a direction of play, it would check for downfalls (TB: check for traffic), check for competition (TB: traffic), consult professionals and take calculated risks and plunge onto the new path.

Traffic signals on roads can be compared to government regulations and obstacles that often hamper businesses from prospering (TB: speeding down the crossroads). Here, from the point of view of businesses, prospering means surging ahead of others with great speed. Most of the times greed grows at the same rate as prosperity. That greed, more often than not leads to unlawful practices. Unlawful practices includes bribery, tax evasion, customs duty manipulation etc. When its unlawful, the law protectors have to step in. The extent to which the authorities performs its duty or remains lawful (not accepting bribes etc.) is something that only the authorities can decide.

Therefore, crossroads are points in traffic or business, where calculated risks are calculated and all contingencies are planned for. And thus, we can relate them very closely.


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