Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 23, 2009

Black money

In what I term as a "startling" revelation, the govt. is finally going to crack down on the LBT bank to find out which Indians hold the greatest amount of black money in Swiss tax havens. Its another story that one of the employees from the bank itself sold the data to the German govt. and once again, we beg them to give us the information regarding some of the Indians holding the accounts there. 

Can we ever stop begging and start commanding? No, we can't. Want to know reason why? Who do you think has got largest holding in the Swiss? Unofficially, I received a message from one of my friends working in a Swiss bank that Indians account for a staggering 10000 crores worth of undeclared money in the Swiss account. Wondering where your tax-money is(assuming you are not the siphoning off the money from the coffers)?

The question is why is this issue coming to light during the times of the elections. Opposition parties are accusing LK that he has alerted all those holding the black money abroad. As if "all those" do not have cronies in the govt. who can alert them before even Mr Advani can dream of it. When the game is about votes, any "daagh" is worth converting into a national issue. And believe me, though I am not clear about the reason, but this black money cannot be connected the elections. Reason: all high profile politicians park their money abroad in the Swiss tax havens, no matter what party they belong to. So why would Advani provoke the issue? Has he not got that money out there? Or is it because he has turned 81 and is now satisfied with all the wealth and is suddenly planning to "improve" the state of financial affairs of India? Because of guilt? No? I am curious to find out. Feel free to comment.

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