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Teachings on Team Spirit by SRK

Disclaimer: What follows is purely based on media reports. If the truth states otherwise, do ignore the post.


In what turned out to a spectacular show of team spirit and encouragement, our Bollywood King SRK has returned from SA because his team is not performing well. Mind well, he owns the team which is not performing well. This is some show of team spirit. My guess is that if the team is not performing well then the owner is not gaining money. If no gain is involved, naturally he is not interested. The entire concept behind IPL which is similar to that of EPL, is to get high profile and ultra high net worth people to own the cricket teams and provide resources to make them perform and win. SRK may have done his best to make his team perform by pumping money into their performance and coaching, which by the way, is all he can do and probably knows how to do. He would probably be leaving the rest of the “details” to the managers of the team. But his act (if truly reported) shows an example of bad team spirit. He is the captain of the ship called Knight Riders and if it sinks, he has to sink with it. Not run away from it.


What he can do is increase his participation in the management of his team, buy better players, replace the coach (Buchanan), get better equipment etc. He is probably going to do that after the team returns from SA. But I believe, whatever fight-back spirit left in his team would now have evaporated into thin air. Why? When the owner of a multi-million business is not interested in the welfare of the business but just personal interests, the business closes down. That’s the best time for the business to start looking for a new owner. The head of Satyam went down albeit for different reasons but they were personal nonetheless. And the company had to look for another owner. Will Knight Riders suffer a similar fate? You never know. It’s just speculation and only time can tell.


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