Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 29, 2009

Demand what you like - its democracy

Start of rant - Allow me to vent my anger at our democracy.

Our dear and favorite terrorist Kasab janab now demands , yes demands, that he needs a perfume, toothpaste and be allowed to take a stroll outside in the verandah. Yes sir. We are your service. The entire nation is at your service, sir. May we bring you some sweets specially made for you by Karachi Sweets Store? Sir, would you like to have access to online resources to find out different ways to fool the people of India? Sir, we have a new scheme. Blow up more than 200 people, you will be eligible for an air-conditioned cell. The tax paying Indians, some of whom you successfully blew up, will pick up the tab for it. We offer further discounts in the term of sentence if you are from LeT. You just need produce your id before the Entertainment Dept. of the Indian Prison System. - End of rant.

Mr. Kasab is still alive and rocking. Our judicial system is supposed to give the right punishment to the guilty. Is he not guilty? Or has he not been proven guilty? Innocent until proven guilty? Since I do not have the complete understanding of the Indian judicial system, I do not know what makes a person guilty. Therefore, I also agree that he might be innocent until he has been proved to be guilty.

In our country, it is a gift to be born a criminal. Because as a criminal, you can stand for elections until you are proven guilty. It takes a lot of time to be proven guilty. Sanjay Dutt got arrested 15 years after the crime of the 1993 serial blasts. Similarly, Kasab has been in police custody since November 27th but is yet to be be proven guilty. Four months to prove a person guilty for a crime as blatant as the 26/11 attacks and that too committed in broad daylight? Seems outrageous but might be quite possible given the pace at which the judicial system is accustomed to work. And if Kasab stands for election, I have no doubt that he will win. Why? The government will "reserve" a seat for him as he is a minority and then create special circumstances to win votes for him. When Laluji and Paswan babu can use a fake OBL as his brand ambassador, then anything is possible.

The dearly beloved terrorist says in his letter to his lawyer 
"Staying in one room, I am getting mentally sick. It should not happen that in future things may go out of control"

Let me remind you Mr. Kasab, if you ever step out of that prison, ever, then that would be the last day of your life. Let things go out of control and you will realise the meaning of waking a beast.

May the souls of 26/11 victims rest in peace because after knowing this, they will come running out of their graves.
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