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Indian Rupee Design Competition

This is an interesting piece of news that I came across today. India is looking to create its own Rupee symbol just like $. It has announced a competition wherein they have set some guidelines as to what the symbol should represent. While keeping a competition does seem like a good idea, but it should be kept in mind that this symbol would be used across all sorts of technologies and computing languages.
Another thing to keep in mind, as per the given guidelines, is that the symbol should represent our culture and tradition. Now is the time to think as to how we can represent a topic as wide "culture and "tradition in as small as a symbol whose width should not be greater than "0" (given guideline). Interesting huh? What is more interesting is that I could not get hold of a government website where such a competition has been announced. Secret huh?  


As mentioned by  my friend Mitesh below, the competition finished on 15th April. Results are yet to be announced. Thanks for the link.
Kashyap Patel


Mitesh said...

Follow the link below..

but competition is over... last date was 15th of April,2009

kash said...

Thanks for pointing it out, Mitesh

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