Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 19, 2009

In the News

In the news today:

Yet another threat and another worry for the Indian government. But do you think the govt. is worried about an attack right now? I dont think so. They are so busy "protecting" their constituencies that they wont be able to provide the security against such an attack. When a high-profile revenue generating IPL cannot garner enough security for 100 cricketing men, how do you think is the govt. going to protect more than 1 billion people? Ever heard of an Indian politician being killed in a terrorist attack? They are at liberty to spend whatever amount they can to beef up their security. All levels of Black Cat and Black Dogs(ok, hypothetical) would be employed to give them the protection. But they are untouchables, literally. Yes, you cannot touch them. But we, the common people of India, are expendable. And, ofcourse, cricket teams too are expendable.

Makes you wonder whom to vote for. Right?

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