Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 19, 2009

Who says you need a VC to start a biz?

You never need a VC to start a business. All you need is the will and the determination. Rest is all history. Have a look at the story of a first gen entrepreneur from Vadodara who went global with his ice-golas.

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Pratik said...

I think will and determination are complementary to a quality product. If you don't have that in the first place, will and determination is not going to help.
Take an example of golawalas in pune, they won't be able to go global ever because they don't know how to make good ice-golas.

kash said...

Very nicely said .. in consumer products biz, you have to pay a lot of attention to quality and service. Only then can a biz succeed. Only then can customers start to trust your product and then can it become a brand..

Anonymous said...

So, When should i expect that u guy start ur own business ?

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