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The Funny Thing about Future

This post is about a funny thing that I realised about future. To give you some background, recently I watched a movie called Next. The ever charismatic Nicholas Cage played the lead role. This man is able to see the future but only two minutes ahead of time. I won't rant on about the movie but I will quote a dialogue from the movie here: "The funny thing about future is everytime you see the future, it changes." From the context of the movie, you would understand what the statement means. But I thought I would try applying that to our present world.

Its funny how we always manipulate the future and yet tell others that we can only control the present. What are we doing when we start a savings plan? What do we do family planning for? Why do plans always have a contingency plan? Why is there always a Plan A and also a Plan B as contingency? Is it not apparent that we are always changing the future?

Thinking on the same lines, I saw the future and saw the need to save some money. There was always a plan drafted by the Force but yet I saw the future and tried to change it by investing in a savings scheme. What did I do? I changed the future. Now again I try to see the future. Its different from what it was before. It changed because I manipulated it and as a consequence of that, the flow of events earlier will not happen now. So now if I see the future, it is different from what it was earlier. For e.g., I saw the future after I invested in the savings scheme, and I realised that I would need more money when I grow old. So I invested more money in the savings scheme.But according to the earlier future, I was going to buy a brand new car with the surplus money in my account but now I changed the future by seeing the future.

And this is how it always works. Try applying this chain of thoughts to everything you do and you will realise that you are manipulating the future in every activity you do.

Have a great future !! Cool





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