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Meera Sanyal - Independent Candidate from South Mumbai

Today morning, I had been going through my usual list of blog feeds when I came across a particular thought on Amit Verma’s blog. This thought is from the website of an independent candidate for Lok Sabha, Meera Sanyal, from South Mumbai. The lines:


Meeting with a group of leaders of the Sindhi community I was asked what I would do if elected to propagate the Sindhi language. I started by delivering my campaign speech in Sindhi, much to the astonishment of the group as few people of our generation now speak the language! At the end however, I stressed that I was standing not as a Sindhi (which I am by birth) nor as a Bengali (which I am by marriage) nor as Maharashtrian (which I am by domicile) nor as a Parsee (which I am told that I look like) nor as a Sikh (which is a religion my family follows) nor as a Hindu (which is my officially stated religion) but as an Indian.


I highly recommend all of you visit her website. She has outlined her agenda and is crystal clear about how is she is going to achieve them. One look at her career growth and you would know that she is someone worth voting for. Educated individuals is what we need in our government today. Whether one independent candidate is going to change the country, is something no one can tell. But well, whatever difference she makes to her constituency, if it is for good and people like it, other parties are bound to follow, ultimately leading to the goal improving the city and therefore, moving towards an improved nation. This too is what she claims on her website. And rightly so. We have been taught and trained to follow and beg. Our fear of not being good enough has always ruled our senses. She has given up her fear and is leading head on in the elections. Once again I urge to people to vote for someone who will make a difference. Not someone who has been symbolic of claiming victories of battles not fought by them.


Today Meera stands on the booth as an Indian. We too need to stand up as Indians. Not as Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other religion. This is about India. It is about our country and how we want to see it. We need to understand that the only identity that one must carry is that of an Indian. It doesn’t matter where do you come from, where were you born, which caste do you belong to, which religion do you follow, how much money do you have, what contacts do you have, which “don” is your friend, which untouchable you have touched, whether you sport a beard or wear a turban, whether you like cricket or ‘gilli danda”. All that matters is that you are an Indian and need to act like one. As she mentions, she comes from and interacts with people from diverse backgrounds, religion, status etc. But all she has in mind is that she is an Indian. And that is all we need to do. Be an Indian in spirit and not in words.


Disclaimer: I am not pitching for Meera Sanyal nor am I promoting her candidature. All I am pitching for is a change that will lead our country and make it better than it already is.


From a loving Indian,

Jai Hind


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