Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 25, 2009

Human waste and the mind

It’s funny how the human nature behaves differently in different situations.

I was just thinking about such a situation. According to human nature, a place for the disposing rubbish or garbage is a dustbin or a garbage bin. You would not want to dispose off the waste in a clean and a fresh place. The only place where waste can go is the dustbin. A dustbin is something which is always supposed to be dirty. It is only there that we will dispose the waste. We won’t try and find a clean place to dispose the waste. On the contrary, when it comes to disposing human waste, it is always desired that the place be the cleanest. We dispose human waste in a place where its clean but we dispose other kinds of wastes in dirty, unusable places, though both are wastes. We crib and criticize about dirty toilets but never know why. But that’s how the human mind is.



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