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A Gadget to detect ghosts?

In what I term as Out of the World Phenomenon (OWP), a company has managed to build a gadget that can detect supernatural presence. Wow! If that did not unnerve you, then I don’t know what can. I am having serious doubts that exorcists have long used this gadget although secretly to detect ghosts and spirits. Only after that they use their super natural ability to talk to the spirits and chase them away to some other home. Imagine an exorcist holds up the gadget(synced up with an online database)  in the air and beep! “Ghost detected in the far right corner. Biz Tips: Send it to a Mr. Jignesh Patel’s place  in the neighborhood who is afraid of ghosts. It will generate more revenue for us. Tech tips: Use the Floo powder and sprinkle it on the east side of the bathroom where the ghost was born.” The exorcist then does the needful and gets paid for it and of course, his biz also expands since apparently the spirit listens to him and goes to Mr. Patel’s place.


Personally I am inclined not to believe in supernatural phenomena but if someone can prove it to me using this gadget, I am ready to change my mindset.


Some nerdy gadget eh?


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