Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 19, 2009

In the news - WTF

I have nothing to say about the news item that I have linked here. It kicked the wind out of me. It reminded me of a comment that I had read somewhere. It said "Given the choices of politicians today, you would be better off making a choice amongst the less dangerous ones rather than embark on a quest to find the best one". Link to the news item. Since Lalu can use the companionship of a fake OBL for his campaign, why can't Karunanidhi do the same by claiming friendship with the LTTE chief? KN claims that the leader of the terrorist organization is not a terrorist. He is a good man. How worse can the intelligence of our politicians get? Makes you wonder yeah?

Its destiny and we are destined to vote for the less dangerous politician! Scary but true!
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