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Denial of Sex law

I was always under the impression that this world today was a free world. With the advances we see everyday, seldom would you see something which is so 19th century. But now after reading this, I am pretty much sure that we have not yet entered the 21st century. We have evolved but our minds haven't.
The article linked above is about the oppression of woman in Afghanistan. They have long suffered the atrocities of the so-called "loving" husbands who prefer to keep women in check. And the worst is that these women are quite satisfied with the lives that they are living. It seems that they like to be treated as sex puppets rather than respect. Recently, as the article and related news item states, there have been protests by the oppressed women to abolish marital rape. Marital rape as per the definition given at Wikipedia is spousal rape is non-consensual sexual assault in which the perpetrator is the victim's spouse. It seems that men in Afghanistan consider it as their birth right to have sex with their wives when they desire. Which is when men desire. No opinion of a woman counts. Denial of sex can result in more oppression and atrocity. How about men denying sex? No law exists. Who makes the law? Men, of course. And what is more ridiculous is that the law of sex denial applies to only 15% of the population belonging to a particular community.
And, of course , of course, men can deny food to the wife if she denies sex. Wow! Women, deny them children if they threaten you. Are men fools? So much so that they do not know where they come from? Do they not know that because wombs exist, they are doing what they are doing at present. A simple idea or a revelation such as that should knock some sense into them but no.
In what becomes a funny WTF situation, men start protesting against the protesting women proclaiming that the law is for their own good. Chauvinism and hormone surges at its best yeah? Men can't see that demands of woman being satisfied. It is only they who command and not the fairer sex! And perhaps the wisdom of "loving" husbands starts taking effect when some amongst the protesting women joined the men to become supporters of the law. Fear of oppression?
This is how we see the world and some others don't.


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