Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 14, 2009

Why is sophistication not good for us?

The consequences of Wall Street's reckless brilliance in many ways parallel modern-day engineering disasters. If you travel through Italy, you can't help but notice the many Roman bridges that still stretch across that nation's waterways. How is it that the Romans could build bridges that would last thousands of years, while the ones we build today collapse after a few decades?

The answer is simple. Back then, they did not have the fancy computers required to calculate exactly how strong a bridge must be. So an architect made a bridge very, very strong. Today, engineers can calculate exactly how much steel they need to incorporate into a bridge to bear the expected load. The result is, they are free to make them weaker..

First came across this thought at Atanu's blog. The more you think about it, the more it seems to be true. In these times, you cannot survive without a machine by your side. Be it celphone, calculator, laptop or Kindle. Our ability to think becomes limited because most of it is done by the machine. It is always true that unused entity always tends to degenerate be it human brain or for that matter, anything made from matter.

Minds today are trained to accept what the machines say. The machines are always assumed to be true as long as a bright mind has programmed it to always give the right and exact answers. Thats the reason why vulnerabilities occur in the systems and breaks it up leading to wide spread damage.

Whether the advent of the machines is a bane or a boon is something that cannot be commented upon since you wont be reading this blog if it was not for a machine.


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