Thoughts ridden by kash Apr 20, 2009

India's Sanitation Challenge

Here is one more challenge [Link to Bloomberg report] that new govt. should take up. As if it does not have much on the plate already, which for the record, I don't think they do. All the welfare work in our country is being done by some NGO or the other. It is non-governmental and therefore, it works. Why does it work? Because it had been created to do so. It is a non-profit organisation, though my personal belief is no NGO is a no profit organisation. Everyone and every organisation makes a profit in some form or the other. But I would not mind giving my money to an NGO rather than give it to the govt. as tax and see it disappear in some tax haven.
Will the new govt. gear up for the vision stated in the report? Vote for the less dangerous political party and hope for the best.


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